Pioneer Logistics is a comprehensive and dynamic shipping company, bringing together the various aspects of the shipping industry under one roof. With a focus on providing safe, reliable, and efficient shipping services, the company is constantly expanding its global presence and business operations to become a world-class shipping enterprise.

Based in Singapore, Pioneer Logistics operates through its five subsidiary companies, ZRICH SHIPPING, PIONEER LINE, Y&D MARINE, PIONEER BULK and PIONEER TANKER. With branches spanning the globe and staffed by professional and experienced teams, the company has established a well-developed business model.

With a diverse and growing fleet of 30 vessels, including bulk carriers and oil tankers. Pioneer Logistics has a total capacity of 2 million DWT and is committed to continuously expanding and upgrading its fleet to meet the demands of its customers.

The company's team comprises individuals with international vision, maritime backgrounds, and diverse expertise, many of whom have received professional training from prominent maritime colleges both domestically and overseas. With multi-level, multi-angle, and all-round international working experience, the Pioneer Logistics team is dedicated to providing investors and customers with the highest standard of quality service.

Focus on main +International Layout

Focus on main +International Layout

·  Headquartered in Singapore.

·  Branches: Shanghai, Qingdao, Ningbo, India, China,West Asia, Philippines, Cambodia.

·  Focus on the main business + subdivision industry diversified layout: eight flatTaiwan + three sectors (Merchant shipping/Marine Engineering/Warehousing and Logistics).

·  Main Southeast Asia regional logistics integrated service transport: tanker transport transport, dry bulk cargo transport, branch line container ship transport, marine equipment transport,Business and oil and gas industry surrounding services, warehousing and logistics.

·  2022 turnover of 529 million + USD

Five major merchant ship operation and management platforms

Five major merchant ship operation and management platforms

· Pioneer Tanker Pte. Ltd(Tanker transport and business operations)

· Pioneer Bulk Pte. Ltd(Bulk carrier transport and business operations)

· Pioneer Line Pte. Ltd(Branch box ship transportation and business operation)

· Y&D Marine Pte. Ltd(Dry bulk transportation business operations and asset transactions)

· Ningbo Zrich Shipping Pte. Ltd.(Ship asset trading and ship management)